How to buy a puppy

How would one go about buying puppy?

Not everyone knows where to even begin doing this.

There are three main places where one would go about buying a puppy.

These are as follows –

  1. At a shelter – such as the SPCA, Barking Mad, Puppy Haven. There are also several independent shelters where one could go, and these are Husky Rescue, Dachshund Rescue, Pekinese Rescue and Dalmatian Rescue.
  2. At a pet shop
  3. At a breeder

Now it is important to remember that listing these doesn’t mean that its simple to just go purchase a puppy – there is a lot more involved in this.

If your choice is the first one, then you would first need to make sure your home is puppy safe. This is because once you have done the nice part of searching for your new loved one, you will have to fill out application forms. From this point, the selected shelter will conduct a home search to ensure that your home is safe for a puppy and that you are going to give this puppy a loving home.

If your choice is number two, then you would just go through to your local pet shop and choose your new puppy. Most legit pet shops normally keep the breeders information – this is important to ask for and to know about. This is mostly because there are some dodgy breeders out there which treat their dogs very badly just to make money. They don’t care about their well-being.

If your choice is number three, then you would go and look online, or in the books you can buy at your local shops. This would be helpful when you are looking for a specific breed of dog. Once you have decided on the breed you are looking for – you would then find a breeder and organize a puppy with them. The steps to follow with this is to firstly see the condition in which the mother is kept to make sure that the dogs are being treated well. Then you would also need to make sure that the father of the dog is also healthy – this would ensure that your puppy will be healthy and that they didn’t come from a puppy mill.

The next logical step would be to decide on a name for your new addition. You need to be creative with this – like for example if you love superheroes, you could look at naming your puppy pug Batman. This could apply to anything you like – if you love a certain TV series like Star Wars, you could name your puppy Princess Leia. I will be adding courses and articles in the coming weeks which will help you decide the best name for your pup!