How to find me


Okay, so the deal here is… I love puppies – I mean who doesn’t??


So, here is where I admittedly need your help with something. I will be opening several social media sites to spread the love. All I need from you; is to share and share this information on to your friends!

The information I post will link to several media networks to allow everyone the chance to be equally informed.

I will be on Twitter, on my website, on Facebook and I will be readily available on my email as well. Each of these will be active, and I will be sharing new information every week for you to check out. The weekly information that I share may not be something you are especially looking for, so in that case you can drop me a mail, and I will do my best to respond to your request as soon as I have the chance. Getting correct and useful information is rare these days – so its always important to make sure you taking the right path with your new pup and not following the wrong steps.

Alright, so step one. My Twitter account is @Puppiesarelove2. Follow me on twitter to get quick updates straight to your smart devices while you’re on the move. This is a great way to keep yourself occupied while you have some time to kill waiting for someone at work, or just taking some time off during lunch. I will be posting tweets which are short and sweet, as well as links which will take you to the website where you can find the latest articles, courses and freebies for your viewing pleasure.

Step two, my email address is Keep this address handy on your phones, so when you have a question, a statement or anything at all to say – drop me a mail and ill respond as soon as possible. This way we can keep things open and honest – quick and easy, keeping everyone in the loop and sharing useful tips to help one another. Please also share this email address to your friends and family so that they can also be involved in the life changing future!

Step three, my facebook page is Puppiesarelovetoo. Here you can also find the latest articles which will be linked to the website – this includes everything from cute videos of puppies, to teaching your dog the latest tricks. Please also remember to share this on your timeline and like the page, so that when you’re scrolling through your news feed the adorable pups show up.

Step four, There is also a google + account where you can follow my updates on the site. This is convenient for people who already use google + for example and don’t use other media networks like twitter or Facebook.

Step five, there will be a YouTube Channel which you can follow. Here there will be several videos posted about everything you can think of! And if I haven’t thought of it, let me know and I’ll find a way to get it to you.

Step six, there will be an Instagram page coming soon which you can also follow – this again is just to see updates on useful, cute or funny articles or even just some adorable photos of your favourite furry friends.

The main purpose of this is to share my love and affection for dogs and their pups. To me a dog really is a man’s best friend – and I would never want to live without one. They turn a house into a home. I want to share information which can help you survive the first few weeks of having your puppy, till you can handle things on your own – and don’t worry I’ll always be around for the times you get stuck and just need a little advice.