In August last year Lily, my white Pekingese slipped a disc in her back.

It all started on a Thursday night where I noticed that her back legs were slightly weaker.

By the Friday she was much weaker and was swaying side to side and barely keeping herself up.


Naturally this was one of the scariest moments of my life.

Throughout the night i hardly got any sleep as every move she made i was incredibly alert of.


Saturday morning at around 5AM i woke up.

I tried to encourage Lily to walk to me and she just wouldn’t, she couldn’t.

This shattered me – naturally i woke my husband up in a panic and off we rushed to the emergency vet.


The vet did several stress tests such as pinching her skin in every part of her to test where the pain starts and is the worst.

The vet told us then that she had a bad slipped disc – that he would give me medication for her. He then proceeded to tell me that if the medication didnt work that she would likely need surgery.

I stood in the vets office in tears – not knowing what to do.


We took her home, gave her medication and waited.


Within about two three days she was much better than she was before. This was such a relief to me, and the best news.


Luckily she healed fine.


Now to today: 12th April 2020.

She did it again.


Being home I have been around her and I can say she hasn’t done anything funny. Nothing more than normal anyway.

We have walked her slightly more than normal due to the current lock down of the world.


Luckily this time round it wasn’t as bad as before – she just had weakness in her hind legs (which is how it started last time)

So in mild panic I contacted the vet – and luckily with these circumstances around Covid 19 the vet did a phone consult, allowed me to collect medication for her and now she is at home resting and healing.

And thanks to Vets4pets my dog will be just fine.


And i couldn’t be a happier dog mom <3