So those of you that have followed me throughout the years would have already met Pablo and Carla.

But, i thought i would carry on their Journey a little bit.


Pablo & Carla are with my parents in Canada – living their best life.

Both have a funny little background story. And both of those stories begin with the Boston Terrier Rescue in South Africa.


It started with Carla – we got word from the rescue that there was a little female Boston in need of a home.

So naturally i convinced my mom that it was a great idea to have her as an addition to my family.

This took some serious convincing – but eventually both my mom and dad cracked and she got added into our little family.

It was a tough decision as we had a few months earlier lost a beautiful dog who was very dear to our hearts.


Back to the happy story – we only had one photo of Carla (who in the photo was a cute little small puppy)

So off my mom and i drove to fetch Carla – when we arrived, we were really shocked to find out. she was not a small puppy. she was a really fat Boston.

But she was so amazing. And we loved her instantly.


We took her home and she molded in instantly.


After this – we worked quite closely with Boston Terrier Rescue and ended up doing quite a lot of volunteer work for them.

This involved fetching dogs and taking them to their new homes as well as fostering dogs too.

This was either the best or the worst thing we could have done – because we met some amazing dogs.

Some stayed with us for a few days, some for a few weeks.


We ended up fostering a pair of Bostons – a brother and sister.

The sister ended up getting a forever home quickly by the Ocean and very quickly moved to her new home.

We then only had the brother who my mom and dad grew so in love with.


Thus, we ended up with Pablo.

We soon after stopped volunteering as falling in love with so many dogs and having to watch them leave was really hard.

But, we did end up with two awesome Bostons!


Years later when my mom and dad moved to Canada. Pablo and Carla went along with them.

After many stressful hours of travel the dogs were reunited with their humans! <3 


Now they spend so much time going for walks on beautiful trails and running around in the snow.


Below are some awesome pictures of their life 🙂

Enjoy! <3