Carla - Boston terrier

Hi Guys,

So remember awhile ago.. I posted something called *Our New Addition*


This is a story telling you of our latest addition to the family.

Since then a lot has changed.


Here’s what’s been happening:

For those of you that don’t know, I volunteer for the Boston Terrier Rescue.

They had six puppies who needed a foster home for a few weeks.

These pups were 6 weeks old, and four of them had their homes waiting in Cape Town. And two of them – JHB homes.


The idea was to keep the six together until they were 8 weeks old, and then the four Cape Town pups had to be 10 weeks old to fly.

As eager as I myself would have been, one of the Cape Town moms to be organized a lift for all four Cape Town pups.

This then allowed the JHB pups to go to their home early to.


We had the pups for a week and a half and they then went to their new homes. I must say, despite how messy and busy puppies actually are. That was really one of the coolest and most exciting experiences I have had with puppies. Really a once in a lifetime experience.


There was a whatsapp group where we posted photos every day for the moms to be. This allowed them to watch their pups grow while they were with us. They were all colour coded.

There were four girls and two boys.


I myself don’t believe in breeding. So I won’t ever have puppies of my own. So that was really awesome!


Then the puppies were gone for ONE day, and our family friends from the UK contacted us. They recently moved back here with their dogs.

They needed someone who could look after their dogs for awhile until they find a place to move into.

So now, we have two Bostons that we fostering!

Their names are Harry, and Millie.


Then, we are ALSO fostering a Pekingese. Her name is Jesse. She will go to her forever home at the end of the month.

This is being done through Pekingese rescue.


So, as you can see a lot has been going on!

What has been happening with all of you??

Share your stories with me!

Puppies <3


Supper time <3








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