The two Pekingese in the photos above are my babies, who have moved with my family and I to the UK.

i can’t say they are the most fond of the cold and wet weather. But we are all happy none the less.

The white one is Lily (she’s 4)

The black one is Daizy (she’s 5)


Some facts about the breed:

  • They have short noses which causes them to snore, some more than others.
  • The outwards eyes can be damaged during play time and on rare occasions its known that their eyes can pop out!
  • Due to the wrinkles on their faces; they can get skin dermatitis and skin irritations. These areas need to be kept clean and dry.
  • These dogs don’t stop eating so are prone to being overweight.
  • They are a very very stubborn breed.
  • Known to bark often
  • Hard dogs to house train (again, stubborn!)
  • Generally grow onto one person.
  • Get hot quickly.


These dogs live between 12 and 15 years & weight anywhere between 3 & 6.5KG.

The breed come in several colours, namely;

* black 

* fawn

* black & tan

* cream

* fawn brindle 

* grey


& I can vouch for it – they are amazing dogs, and my two love nothing more than to sit on top of me wherever we are!