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Teaching Your Dog To Swim


So a lot of people think that dogs know how to swim naturally.

But the truth is a dog needs to be introduced to water slowly.


So here are a few tips:

There are certain dogs that are more prone to be “swimming dogs”. These dogs are breeds like retrievers and spaniels.

Dogs like pugs, pekingese, french bull dogs need to be watched around water. Dogs like this tend to get tired easily, and this could lead to them getting shortness of breath.


If a dog is scared of the water, do not force them to swim.

You can start by getting a small doggy pool – and encourage your dog to play in the shallow waters with their favourite toy.

Your dog will then get used to the water and you can start to use a bigger pool of water.

Remember not to throw your dog in the deep end and just expect them to learn then and there. This can stress your dog out.


You can get your dog a life jacket as well. This will help your puppy feel safe

With dog breeds who aren’t good swimmers a vest can always be worn to help your dog along


If you are teaching your dog to swim. It could help by you swimming as well – this can encourage your dog to swim

Also, if you have other dogs who know how to swim. Bring them along – this can boost the newbies confidence


Remember to always praise your dog! This will be a great encouragement 🙂


Here is a cute video of a dog surfing! 🙂



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