Cute dogCute dog


1. Basset Hound

If you are looking for a really “chilled out” dog. The Basset Hound is your go-to dog.

These dogs are known to be Lazy and relaxed dogs.

Very importantly they are also really good with children – who doesn’t LOVE a dog who is great with children?



These are quite commonly healthy dogs, but without frequent walks they are prone to picking up weight quite quickly.

And a note – because they have such huge awesome ears, they are sometimes prone to ear infections.

These dogs are known to shed (not to much!) so they need to be brushed every so often if you don’t want dog hair everywhere!



Life span +- 12 years

Weight 20 – 35KG

Not the easiest dogs to train as they can be quite stubborn


Cute dogbeagle

2. Beagle

A beagle is one of the friendliest most curious dogs you will come across.

These dogs are very active and need a lot of exercise.

So, aside from wanting only to please their owner – they love to play too!



These dogs were founded in England and were known for their fantastic hunting skills.

With the modern world – a lot has changed and these dogs are mostly kept only as pets.

But there are some people who still use this dog to hunt rabbits.



Life span 12- 15 years

Size 34 – 40CM

Known to be tricky to train due to their excessive energy and how easily distracted they are.



3. Bichon Frise

This dog is also a happy and very friendly dog. But works better with older children and adults.

These dogs also need a lot of exercise as they are full of energy!

And the great part is – these dogs are EASY to train. Isn’t that great?



Life span 12- 15 years

Size 22 – 27 CM

Weight 3 – 6 KG

Really great for people with allergies as these dogs don’t shed. And they are EASY to groom too.

These dogs are only ever white in colour – with black eyes and a black nose.


These dogs love to love




Cute dog

4. Border Terrier

This dog has medium amounts of energy – and are quite a laid back breed.

These dogs are easy to train and are obedient.

These dogs work well when you give them lots of positive reinforcement.



Life span 12- 15 years

Size 28 – 41 CM

Weight 5 – 7 KG

These dogs are quite prone to barking

The border Terrier was also once used as a hunting dog – so they are quite attentive to sounds.





bull dogCute dog

5. Bulldog

A bulldog is one of the most calm patient dogs you will ever meet.

This dog is easily trained with positive reinforcement as they are really intelligent.


Most Bulldogs are not able to swim – so they need to be watched around water. Get them a life-jacket if you plan on making trips to the beach!

If you are looking at flying with these dogs – please note that due to their face structure, they struggle to breathe in the compressed departments are there are several report deaths in these instances.



If you are looking at breeding with a Bulldog. It is recommended to do a C-Section surgery for birth as natural birth is really dangerous for the mother dog due to the size of the dogs head.



Life span 8 – 10 years

Weight 18 – 25 KG

A Bulldog slobbers, drools, snores and farts. be prepared!

Cute dogspaniel

6. King Charles Spaniel

These dogs are a great all rounder dog. What do I mean by this you may ask?

Well – they are happy to lounge out on the sofa and love their human.

OR – equally they are happy to be out and about hiking in the mountains with their human.

Which human are you? Does it even matter? This dog is great for you!


These dogs love people, love children, have amazing personalities.

And they are easy to train too!


These dogs will try be friends with everyone they meet.



Life span 9 – 14 years

Weight 6 – 8 KG


These dogs come in a few different colours:

  • Blenheim
    Tri Color
    Black & Tan and

Cute dog

7. Chihuahua

These are small dogs who are very affectionate.

They are easy to train and are generally low maintenance.

Chihuahua’s are really smart dogs.


This breed are sensitive to the cold weather, so a little jersey in colder countries will do the trick.

They do not require much exercise either – so they make a great city life dog!



Life span 12 – 20 years

Weight 1.8 – 2.7 KG

Chihuahua’s get along really well with other Chihuahua’s.

Cute dog

8. Border Collie

These dogs need a companion.

Collies get along well with children – and they are really good at understanding their owners needs.


These dogs are easy to house break – and are in general very clean dogs.

A Collie is a really gentle loving dog.



Life span 12 -15 years

Weight 12 – 20 KG


They come in a few colours:

  • Sable
  • Tri-coloured
  • Blue Merle
  • White

corgiCute dog

9. Corgi

Of course! as everyone knows, this breed is one of Queen Elizabeth II favourite breeds.

A Corgi is a very easy going dog breed and you can’t help but fall in love at first site.


These dogs are very loyal, and are easy to train. Especially if the training is done in the first year of the dogs life.

A Corgi loves having things to do – so if they have constant activity they are very pleased.



Life span 12 -15 years

Weight 10 – 14 KG


A Corgi needs weekly brushing, with an occasional bath.

Cute dog Cute dog

10. French Bulldog (MY FAV!)

A frenchie is a real people pleaser – so they make a great companion!

These dogs are not known for their barking – so at least there will be no worries about bothering the neighbours.


These dogs are always up for a game – but are really easy to train.

They LOVE people.


Because they fall into the “flat face” dog bracket. Anyone who owns one needs to not do to much strenuous exercise are they don’t breathe as efficiently.

It is also important to keep them from getting to hot as well.



Life span 10 – 12 years

Weight 8 – 12 KG

11. German Shepherd

These dogs are extremely smart and very easy to train.

They are a very loyal dog and will do anything for their owners.


They are active dogs and are very good family dogs.

These dogs need to be brushed weekly as they have a very thick fur and tend to shed a lot.



Life span 9 – 13 years

Weight 29 – 40 KG

Cute dog

12. Italian Greyhound

These dogs easy to train and love to spend time with their owners.

They are gentle and peaceful dogs, and are good around both adults and children.


Because these dogs have quite short hair they are known to be one of the easiest dogs to groom – a quick brush weekly does the trick.


These dogs like to be on your lap or next to you on the couch – and don’t really like to rather lay on the floor.



Life span 9 – 11 years

Weight 27 – 45 KG

This weight is really varied as there are some bigger greyhounds – and these dogs are also often used for racing as they are known for their incredible speed.

The Greyhounds used for racing are much leaner and therefore weight less.

Cute dog

13. Labrador Retriever

Whats not to love about a Labrador?

These dogs are really easy to train so they are good at everything they do.

They are used as service dogs, family dogs, show dogs, hunting dogs – you name it!


They are always up for a game and love to play – they have a very happy friendly personality and love both kids and adults.

They are very patient understanding dogs.

 Labradors are really energetic – so if this is your choice of a dog. Make sure you know you going to spend tons of time running around with them and playing fetch over and over again!



Life span 10 – 14 years

Weight 25 – 34 KG


These dogs put on weight really easily if they don’t stay active – so make sure you give them plenty of exercise.

Along with that – make sure you don’t overfeed your Labrador as these dogs also LOVE to eat….. and eat….. and eat.

Cute dog

14. Maltese

A Maltese is another people pleasing dog.

These dogs enjoy learning tricks and the occasional playtime. BUT make really great lap dogs.


Because of their energetic happy playful nature they make a great family dog – but because they are such a small breed they can be easily injured so should be watched around smaller children.



Life span 12 – 15 years

Weight 1 – 3.5 KG

These dogs do not shed – so they make great HYPOALLERGENIC dogs

Cute dog

15. Miniature schnauzer

These dogs are friendly, smart and really easy to train.

This dog is happy as long as he is around others – they crave a companion.

These dogs are known for their barking – so if you don’t want this dog to bark its important to train them really young so they lose that behaviour.



Life span 12 – 14 years

Weight 5 – 7 KG


They have a wire like coat – which actually helps keep them clean from dirt!

A Shnauzer has really great hearing – so if he isn’t listening its not cause he cant hear you.