The Truth About Worms


For anyone who owns a dog – they need to know the reality of worms and what the signs are.

There are several worms your dog can get – and it is very important to remember to deworm your pets


Maybe if you know more about the worms it will be harder to forget to deworm your furry babies



This worm is a segmented flatworm

This worm can be found in the small intestine of the host

This worm helps himself to the food your dog eats

This causes your dog to not be getting sufficient vitamins and minerals.


Your dog can get this worm by ingesting a flea which has the worm larvae inside them or even by eating an infected carcass.


Once your dog swallows the larvae, they hatch inside and then attach themselves to the intestinal wall.



These worms look alot like spaghetti.

They are light brown/white

Your dog can get infected with this worm by eating faeces of an infected dog

The eggs hatch in the intestine and from here they move to the liver and the lungs


This worm causes diarrhea/constipation.

It can also stunt growth, cause vomiting, dehydrate your dog and can cause their belly to become bloated



This worm has a thin upper body and a thick lower body

Your dog can become infected by eating infected faeces

The eggs hatch in the large intestine – they remain in the large intestine even once fully mature

This worm can cause diarrhea, dehydration and even anaemia



These worms are one of the worst. The larvae can penetrate through the paws/skin

They make their way to the intestinal walls and start to feel off the dogs blood

This can cause anaemia, bleeding and diarrhea


The vet can look under a microscope at the dogs skin to make a diagnosis

Symptoms include pale gums, weight loss and blood in the dogs faeces


Important Fact

If you see your dog rubbing their bum on the floor, your first reaction may to be think your dog has worms.

Well, chances are this isn’t the case.

It is said that tapeworms do make the anus itchy it is more likely to simply be your dogs anal glands

These glands can become blocked and they need to be expressed.

Your vet is able to do this for your dog – it is a quick and east procedure.

The vet can also show you how to do it at home


So if you see your dog doing this, don’t shout at him. They need your help.

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