Emperors of China were said to keep pugs as lapdogs. And were nothing less than spoiled.

Some of them were even said to have their own body guards.

These dogs live anywhere between 12 – 15 years.

With their weight ranging 5 – 10 KG.


These dogs are known to have two little cute curls in their tails.


Wrinkles in the Pugs face need to be cleaned regularly to avoid any skin infections.


Pugs sleep on average up to 15 hours during the day! – if only we could too right?


A lot like the Bulldog family a pug also has a flat face which puts them at risk should you choose to fly with your little ones.


To show you how cute they are – here are some of my favorite photos!

and below that, I’ve added a video for you to watch.

A video to show how awesome pugs are