Dalmatian Facts 101

  • Dalmatians live approximately between 10 and 13 years of age
  • These dogs come in two colors – Liver & White, Black & White
  • These dogs have been said to be aggressive, but the truth is… if these dogs are bred properly they are the most loving, smart, outing dogs out there! If not bred properly they tend to snap, and show signs of stubbornness.
  • Its been said that these dogs were used as “carriage” dogs in the “old” days. (Who needs Donkeys right?)
  • These dogs are prone to deafness. Facts show almost every 1/3 dog born will be deaf in one ear
  • These dogs are VERY prone to shedding. And their hair is as stubborn as a badly bred Dalmatian!
  • It is essential to take your Dalmatian for training early on, as they are very smart dogs, and require you to set ground rules early
  • Dalmatians were used as “fire dogs”. This was due to the fact that they work well with horses, and they would help clear the paths 🙂
  • They have SPOTS even in THEIR MOUTH! but guess what? They are born COMPLETELY WHITE. with not a single spot. These spots develop over time as they get older. (roughly 4 weeks
  • it is said though, that without training these dogs are impatient, and don’t do well with kids. Be ready to accept the responsibility if you’re considering getting one.


But most of all…


This breed isn’t seen around much. and its a pity. because with the correct training, and patience these dogs can be amazing companions.

Give them a chance to show you their true potential.