How Much Do You Know


I’m here to give you something you have always wanted – you just don’t know it yet


My goal is to give you information on puppies, from puppy training, to why your puppy is so destructive. The point isn’t only to entertain you but it’s also to give you information you didn’t even think you wanted to know until now. There are lots of things in life, which we don’t even know exist until someone points it out to us. And the sad part is, it is most often things that could make our lives a lot easier – more convenient. There will be several articles and pages where you can find out more information – you can click here (puppy wisdom)

We sometimes find ourselves in a situation that we are not sure what to do, or how to react. It could be something simple, like what to do if you’re struggling to house train your puppy. Or maybe something a bit more serious, like if you own a Husky, it’s important to know not to shave your dog no matter how much you think you will help them be “cooler” in summer  – this isn’t the case.

It could also be something someone asked you, like why is it important to inoculate your puppy? The answer is simple, but for those people who aren’t aware of the importance are often left in the dark, and then sometimes end up in sticky bad situations where their dogs get rabies, worms and things like Cat Flu. The inoculations help fight these, and some of these illnesses are life threatening. These will all be discussed in the blog as time goes on if you’re interested in what I have to say about those matters.

This website could also give you some interesting ideas – as I will be discussing different and fascinating activities one could do with their dogs, whether it’s your first puppy – or adding a second puppy to the family. If you have recently gotten yourself a puppy you will know how busy they always are, whether it’s chewing your shoes or keeping you up at night – it’s always nice to know good ways to keep your pup entertained. Seeing these activities could also help you correct your puppy’s bad habits from the comfort of your own home without the expenses of a puppy school. This will also help you bond with your puppy. If you have any concerns – small articles about snoring pups could even put you at ease – and all of that information will be here

One benefit of this, of course despite the obvious – is that you can share all this newly found knowledge with your friends and family. I know with myself, I see these articles on Facebook every day which I share all the time. From training your dog to use your toilet, to how to get your puppy to fetch a tennis ball. I share these knowing I would like others to share these to me. Seems silly – but it’s always great to learn new things, no matter how small it seems.

I will write about everything here that one would want to know. This would involve positive information, as well as the negative. This will be to inform everyone what to do, as well as what not to do. One would be amazed as to how much you don’t know about something, you never know as much as you think you do.



Where will all the information come from?


At the end of the day, I find myself sitting at home after a long sitting and scrolling through Facebook. Here I see many articles which to me either make no sense, are normally not useful, or just a waste of time to read. These articles are found everywhere online too, you can just type ‘puppy’ into google search and you will find lots of articles, some may be helpful – but most aren’t worth the time.

It’s important to know what is best for your new family member – especially knowing which puppy food to buy your addition.

If you are looking for a solution to help you potty train your puppy, you often find yourself looking online for ways to help you do just that. You will find courses and articles explaining ways to do this – these courses are often just basic information you already know and not the information you really need.

I will do my best to change this – I will be posting helpful and interesting articles and courses with everything you would possibly need to help you care for your puppy from the most basic things to the more complicated things.

I will be sourcing the best information I can possibly find, to help you with your daily problems.