Snoring pups


If you live with your husband (or even wife) you may have the problem of sleeping next to someone who snores you awake at night. This is a common problem amongst people and also dogs too!


Snoring can be caused by several factors –

  • If your dog as a little too much excess weight, this can cause the breathing passage to be slightly blocked making it a little harder to breathe
  • Some dogs are more prone to snoring – these dogs include a pug, a Boston terrier and a Pekingese.
  • Your dog may also have an infection, which could be causing the snoring, this should go away when the infection clears.
  • Some dogs may also have allergies, like humans dogs get them too. With this you would have to observe your dog’s behavior patterns to rule out what your dog could be allergic to. Also you get various foods and medications for allergies. These can be obtained from your local vet.


You can try a few things to help lessen the snoring if you are unable to stop it:

  • Just like a human, the position your dog sleeps makes a difference to their snoring. So if your dog’s head is lifted this might help straighten the breathing passages which can help the snoring.
  • You can also have a surgical procedure done on your companion – this isn’t recommended unless your dog’s nasal passages are causing your dog to struggle with their breathing.
  • If your dog is getting a blogged nose due to allergies, you can try the food I recommended which you can get at the vet. You can also try the medicine in severe cases as the health of your pup is important. You can also do small things around the home, like making sure you dust your home so that there isn’t any excess dust laying around unnecessarily. Remember things like curtains and mattresses carry a lot of dust without you even realizing it.