Spectacular products


As you may have read in the other pages there are several purposes for this website and if you are a dog lover – they are all going to benefit you in every way possible.

I will be sharing many things on my site, including articles, pages, posts, pictures, videos and FREE courses. These will be educational and useful – and most importantly adorable!

I will also be in touch with several manufacturers that deal with anything puppy and dog related. With this information at hand, I will have their details on the page and have them as a recommendation so that I can share their expertise with the world – so that everyone wins.

This is especially helpful for something as simple as a dog tag for your pet – and knowing that my site is helpful, you can come to the site and simply get the information quick and easy.

As time goes on I will,  hear and see things which I may find useful – and with this, I will be sharing this information with you as we go as well.

If you happen to know someone who for example knits really nice dog jerseys – you could recommend them to me and I will advertise on my site for them free of charge!

There will also be several Amazon items you can access through my site, this can be anything puppy related – I will do my best to have everything possible that you can buy – just with the click of a button.