Separation Anxiety


Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety disorder?


Dog separation anxiety is one of the most common syndromes that one can come across in their dogs. Dogs are like humans and they do seek love, affection, and care and when they get these things in excess, they love it. But, again what happens after you don’t spend much time with your dog for some reason? Have you ever thought of it? This situation develops dog separation anxiety which is the cause of dogs attaining destructive behavior.


Dog separation anxiety is thus a situation wherein dogs start behaving in an altogether different manner, like they start whining, barking and crying all day long, they often turn destructive, chewing furniture, and trying to escape. In a recent case, a dog literally chewed a glass window to escape, this could however be stopped if you take preventive actions and follow tips that can reduce the incidence and levy of separation anxiety. Before beginning the treatment, one should first venture into the causes of it, so that they can gain deep information on what they ought to fix.


There are some causes of dog separation anxiety that should be browsed through before understanding the treatments and cures. Some of the causes are associated to the behavior and some to the environment the dogs live in. Some dogs may fall prey to the syndrome because of the stress levels they face and some others fall prey to this anxiety because they have been separated from their mothers, while others may have been abandoned by their owners, resulting in shaken trust and confidence levels. Thus, understanding the root cause is important.


What can help? This is probably one of the prominent questions pet lovers are searching for.  There are many separation anxiety cures that can help your dog live normally, some separation anxiety cures are:


  • Use medication therapies: One can use medication therapies to help their dogs come out of this anxiety syndrome. Every dog is different and thus medication therapies should be implemented based on the severity of the condition. These therapies can help dogs gain confidence back and thus ease the situation considerably well. Dogs that have severe anxiety problems are often given medication as their treatment. The most common medications include Fluoxetine and clomipramine.


  • Behavioral modification therapies: Since the separation anxiety is a rigid task to cure, simple obedience training doesn’t really work (if the condition is not so severe). Behavior modification helps your dog to change his behavior when you are away.


  • Play method: Helping your dog to exercise and keeping your dog busy with efficient training exercises will help to tire your dog, and a tired dog wants some time off to snooze. Practice this every day and you can get rid of dog separation anxiety.


Dog separation anxiety cures are thus available in wide numbers and you can get rid of all those problems associated with separation anxiety. Following efficient methods can get rid of mental and physical problems.



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