Our mission – Why puppies are love


Our mission is simple;


People don’t realize how important the small things in life are – we take them for granted and don’t even notice that we do. So, here’s the plan.

You can follow my blog, and you will notice that I will be pointing out the small things to you that you take for granted without knowing it. This is an amazing easy way for you to learn about what to do with your new addition to your family, or even simply how to teach old dogs new tricks.

People so often thinks it’s a great idea to get a puppy without thinking that the puppy will before you know it and grow into an adult, and that’s normally where things go wrong or when people give up. A big problem people have is they don’t know how to deal with a puppy, they think it is easy – but, in fact – a lot of hard work has to go into it.

Getting a puppy from a shelter is also something people don’t think to do when looking for a puppy. Shelters have puppies and adult dogs eager to find loving homes, they may be abandoned dogs, lost, or even unwanted – but at the end of the day everyone needs love. The shelters will always without fail do a home check before allowing you to purchase a dog from them – and yes the dog has to be bought from them, as shelters are normally non-profit organisations and you are simply paying to get the dog spayed/neutered. People have a major misconception about shelters.

If you had to buy a dog from the pet shop, that’s fine too – no one says its bad really. A ‘legit’ pet shop would normally keep the breeders details in which they got the puppies from. Watch out where you buy a dog and don’t just buy a dog from anyone – not everyone can be trusted.

The next option one has is to go directly to a breeder – this too, is also fine but like the pet shops you need to be careful who you trust and make sure you do your homework. There are thousands and thousands of illegal breeders which have their dogs in appalling conditions. Other than the obvious problems with this – it often causes the puppies to be more susceptible to getting sick. There are many illnesses that a puppy can get, especially if the breeder doesn’t inoculate his animals.

I hope to teach people that when it comes to puppies, especially puppies who are stubborn by nature and are hard to train. That punishing your dog isn’t going to create a solution to your problem – hurting your dog to try ‘teach them a lesson’ could cause your dog to become even more uncooperative than before.

That is even the least of it – people who don’t train their puppies even the most basic habits tend to be the kind of people who are either unaware of how to (ignorance) or maybe they don’t care enough to and think that it should happen naturally. This isn’t the case and often it causes people to get fed up with their now teenage puppy and they then give it to a shelter or give it away. This is heartbreaking to me, as to me… getting a puppy is a huge decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly – It is at least a 10-15-year commitment. Getting rid of your dog because of small stupid ‘problems’ shouldn’t even cross your mind – ever. It would be like having a baby, and then when your kid is around 4 years old and naughty – you decide to just give them away to solve your problem – take the easy way out!


Once you have gone through your chosen procedure to buy your puppy, you need to make sure you are prepared for the parts that are yet to come. This isn’t going to be easy, and later on there will be more detailed articles to help you through the stress. Just to give you a run down – you need to remember to feed and give your dog water daily, potty training, staying up all hours of the night while your pup wants to play, making sure your pup has sufficient toys so your furniture stays intact while you’re at work, making sure your house is puppy proof (this involves several things, like pools, and holes in which the pup could fit and perhaps escape.) and ‘simply’ being a companion for your new family member.


I just hope to make a difference in your life, help you make your pup is the best they can be, healthy and happy wise –and at the same time keep everyone happy.








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