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Chow Chow Dogs

#Did you know these dogs have blue/black tongues?

It has been said that “Most dogs have pink tongues, this is a sign of good health – it implies a good supply of blood vessels; nerves and taste buds.”

Saying this, the Chow Chow and their friend the Shar Pei both have blue/black tongues – and this is the exception, as this doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy.

These dogs were recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1903! Amazing!

These dogs are known to be five colours – Including:

  • red
  • black
  • blue
  • cinnamon
  • cream

They say these dogs came about when they mixed an old Mastiff with a Samoyed.

They say these dogs are incredibly stubborn and independent. A lot like a cat!

So to train these dogs to do anything, the training and socialisation both need to start at a young age. They also require a strong, independent and stubborn owner too. This seems to be the best combination.

Now the problem with these dogs lies in the fact that as puppies these dogs are mellow and chilled. Making it seem as though they will remain that way. But the minute the dog starts to mature and reaches adolescence, they may begin to ignore commands.

With socialisation, it is also important to get your dog used to children at a young age. Teach the children how to behave properly around the dog, and the dog will see the kids as friends not as a threat. Remember kids are often rough with dogs, and dogs may feel like they are in danger. If your dog knows and accepts new people and dogs into their life often growing up, as an adult they will be a pleasant, calm and accepting dog.

These dogs are quite remarkable.

A male Chow Chow can weigh anywhere between 25 – 32 KG with a height of 48 – 56 CM

A female Chow Chow can weigh anywhere between 20 – 27 KG with a height of 46 – 51 CM

They have a lifespan of 9 – 12 years

So basically, this dog is a great family pet if you socialise and train them from an early age.



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