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Ear Cropping And Tail Docking Facts

This is sadly a common procedure done on some dog breeds right after birth.

It is common in Dobermans, German Shorthair Pointers, Boxers and Schnauzers

I personally don’t believe in this at all. I think it’s a cruel unfair and unnecessary procedure.

When a dog’s tail is docked (also known as bobbing) the tail is either cut shorter, or it’s removed completely.This is done normally right after birth as that’s when the tail is still relatively soft

This is done normally right after birth as that’s when the tail is still relatively soft

The sad part is this is mostly done without any anesthesia – it has been said that the puppy isn’t really responsive yet, and they won’t remember the pain

When it comes to cropping a dogs’ ears – this is done at around 6-12 weeks of age.

They cut the floppy part of the dogs ears off.

This is done with anesthesia.

The ears are then taped to something hard so that they heal and stay in an upright position.

People crop a dogs’ ears and dock a dogs tail mostly to achieve a certain look. So this is unnecessary.

And the procedure can cause health issues in the dog as well.

Docking a tail can cause nerve tumor – this can cause your dog pain and make them on edge when you touch their tail

A dog also communicates with other dogs with their tail, so this could send mixed messages to other dogs which can also cause issues when socializing your pup.

There are a few people who say they dock a dogs tail to help the dog. For example, a dog that is being used to hunt – may have their tail docked to stop them getting their tail caught in fences.

Then with breeds like a boxer who are very excited dogs – the dog if they had to have a long tail – could whip their tail on their surroundings and hurt it. So in that sense it’s a precaution so they say.

Luckily they say these procedures are becoming less common

Please if you are considering doing either of these procedures to your dog, consider the implications.


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