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This is an inflammatory disease in dogs

It is caused by a Demodex mite

When there are to many mites in the hair follicles and on the skin – it can lead to skin lesions, genetic disorders, problems with their immune system and hair loss.

The severity of these depend on the type of mite on the dog

Mange can be in a specific area on your dog, or it can be on the whole body.

If it’s in a specific area then it’s normally not to bad. But if it’s across the body it can much worse

In most cases (around 80%) of Mange fixes itself.

In severe cases a vet may prescribe long-term medication

The vet uses Lime-sulfur dips to help treat the skin

Your dog would have to go for skin scrapings (also known as trichograms) to make sure the mites don’t return.


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