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Microchipping Your Pet

The importance of microchipping your dog:

For those of you who own a dog will know that they are a huge part of your life. In fact they are your life.

I would NEVER want my pup to go missing. But there are some unfortunate situations you may find yourself in where your dog may pull their collar off and get out the gate.

In a situation like this, if your dog has a microchip – someone will be able to take your dog through to a local vet and get their chip scanned.

The scanner picks up the information on the system which will show the owner and their details.

Sadly, there are millions of dogs worldwide who get lost and aren’t ever reunited with their owners – and not for a lack of trying.

What is it?

A needle is used to place a small chip under the dogs skin.

This is usually placed between the shoulder blades

Each chip has unique coding and can be picked up by a scanner – most vets have these scanners

How long does it take?

It takes as long as any normal injection and then you also have to fill out some paperwork too

It is recomended that a vet does this. There are very RARE complications that have been reported so rather for the safety of your pet – go to a professional.

Is it sore?

They say it’s as sore as giving blood. This is because the needle it quite big – but some dogs don’t even flinch and then it’s already over.

Where can I get it done?

Your local vets normally offer the service, but there will be numerous shelters to which offer the service too.

Cancer risks:

It has been said that there are a few known cases of tumors growing around the chip. This too is also very rare. So you need to way the pros and cons.

Registering your pet:

Along with getting the chip put in your dog, you need to make sure they are properly registered too.

Scan your dog every now and then to make sure the chip is still active and working properly.

Also, remember if you do move or change your phone number – remember to let the company you got the chip through know so that they have your correct information. So that you can get your loved pet back as soon as possible if they happen to go missing!


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